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Last month, Hewlett-Packard’s CEO, Meg Whitman, caused quite a stir with a remark indicating the company needed to offer smartphones as the devices are becoming the primary computing device across the globe.

Whitman said that HP had no plans to offer a device by 2013 but also insisted the company was working on it. She further explained that although HP had no plans to offer a mobile phone by next year, it was paramount for the company to develop such devices if they want to be involved in a huge segment of the market.

Under the previous head of HP, Leo Apotheker, smartphones and tablets were launched under the webOS but development of the devices has since then stalled.

The multinational computer hardware, software and services corporation has been working around a restructuring plan to resolve financial issues plaguing the company. Analysts reveal a mediocre financial performance for HP, with expected earnings per share lower than estimated by Thomson Reuters.

Whitman also said that the current consumer tablets was already well served by Apple, but they were currently looking to have a Window-based device to meet demands from CIO’s.

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