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The Nigerian Center for Satellite Technology Development (CSTD) announced its plan to train Nigerian engineers in the relevant areas to design, test and build their very own space satellites by 2018, CSTD Director Spencer Onuh confirmed in a statement on January 4.

Dr. Onuh said that they will not be leaving any stone unturned to make sure that the 2018 target is met. He also added that the center is now focused on the development of the required human capacity that would enable Nigeria to meet the target build date.

“Capacity building was a core module in the manufacture and launch of NigeriaSat-1, NigeriaSat-2, NigeriaSat-X and NigComSat-1-R, owned by the country,” Dr. Onuh told The Tide.

Primarily, the Nigerian CSTD center has trained more than 50 Nigerian scientists involved in the design, testing and launch of NigcomSat-1 and its replacement. The center also trained 15 scientists for the NigeriaSat-1 program and 27 engineers for the NigeriaSat-2 and NigeriaSat-X programs.

CSTD is governed by the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA). The center aims to achieve indigenous satellite technology competence to design, test and fabricate a satellite by 2018.

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