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Boeing, a multinational aerospace and defense corporation, has been awarded with a $50 million contract from the United States Air Force to complete and deploy 12 GPS satellites that the company is currently building for the government.

Of all the satellites that Boeing is building for the U.S government, three of them have already been delivered and launched into service. The remaining nine are either currently being built at Boeing’s facility in El Segundo, or awaiting launch. The company expects to finish production by the end of 2013. The GPS satellites, which are also called IIF, will aid in modernizing the existing constellation used by governments, private citizens and companies worldwide for navigation functions.

Boeing’s one-year contract from U.S Air Force costs $51 million, with four one-year optional extensions. Under the agreement, Boeing will ship the satellites to the launch site, manage pre-launch operation, post-launch checkout, handover and in-orbit support.

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