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In London, Samsung won a ruling against Apple who filed a patent lawsuit on the Galaxy Tab for copy the design and technology of the Ipad. Judge Colin Birss ruled in favor of Samsung, saying the Galaxy Tablet is not as “cool” as the Ipad. 

"The (Galaxy Tab) do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design," explained Birss.

The ruling marks a victory for the Korean electronics company who has seen its smartphones challenging Apple with its Android-based gadgets. The fierce competition for smartphone supremacy has seen both firms file lawsuits on one another on the basis of “infringement” of design rights.

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Apple, has done its fair share of suing others. Currently Samsung Electronics Comp., Ltd.’s (KSC:005930) Galaxy Nexus smartphone and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet are banned in the U.S., thanks to its efforts. But in China it was Apple this week who was forced to pay up after a lawsuit loss.

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'iPad Mini' rumours swirl

Apple generates more gossip than the Kardashians.There’s a constantly spinning mill of rumours about Apple products, most of which turn out to be untrue. What’s unusual this week is that talk has revived of a smaller iPad model, an idea company founder Steve Jobs derided publicly a year before he died.

With Microsoft still holding off on releasing a full version of Office for the iPad, plenty of competitors have emerged to fill the gap. Among the contenders, some offer entirely new office suites designed to be (mostly) compatible with Office documents. Others provide actual copies of Microsoft Office in a virtual desktop-like setting, eliminating any compatibility problems but requiring an Internet connection to function.

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Within a matter of hours, three methods of jailbreaking the new iPad were unveiled in record time.Only a matter of hours after the release of the new iPad, declarations of successful first steps in jailbreaking it were already sounding off. Fortunately for the new owners of the new iPad, three methods of jailbreaking have cropped up, and now it’s only a matter of time before a downloadable jailbreak is available to the public.

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In case you hadn’t heard, the sky is falling.

iPad apps as we’ve known them are about to get super-sized, and are now on a collision course with whatever space you thought you had on your iPad—old or new. Early evidence pointing in that direction comes from Apple’s own applications, which were all updated last week to coincide with its new tablet, and became considerably larger as a result.

As my colleague Jason Parker detailed earlier this week, Pages—the word processor app in Apple’s iOS iWork suite—jumped from 95MB to 269MB, while Numbers—Apple’s spreadsheet app—increased from 109MB to 283MB. Yesterday, an extended hands-on with the new tablet from Vietnam-based blog Tinhte came with additional numbers, mainly that iMovie has ballooned from 70MB to 404MB.

Here’s the thing though: while it’s easy to apply a multiplier onto the size of these apps and guesstimate it for any app that’s out there right now, developers CNET spoke to said it’s not that clear cut. Like a snowflake, each piece of software is different, and it all comes down to the content that gets packed in. Things like videos, music, high-quality image and texture assets that are included in applications could be getting upgraded, but not all those things are equal in terms of the impact they have in size.

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