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Microsoft has finally presented its version of the My Xbox Live app for the Android platform on Wednesday. This also included an update on the iOS version of the app. With this release, users will be able to manage friends list, edit  and update profiles, even change avatars and of course, send and receive messages.

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On the surface, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 appears to be little more than a low-key refresh of its six-month-old predecessor, the in-betweener Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. And while that’s true, the Tab 2’s noticeably lower cost—at $250, it dropped in price by 38 percent from the 7.0 Plus—coupled with its numerous features give it a clear advantage over leading value tablet competitors Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet.

With that sizable drop, the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 2 marks the first time a premium Android tablet maker like Samsung has gone full-bore after the value space. The Galaxy Tab 2is competitively priced against the $200 of Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet. Those popular 7-inch tablets each use their own customized versions of Android. These variants on Android can provide a more integrated experience for some tasks, such as reading books and magazines, or acquiring media, but it comes at the cost of the wider compatibility of the Android app universe; both Amazon and Barnes & Noble require you to purchase apps only via their respective storefronts.

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Check out the latest applications’ updates for your Android. Click on the photo to see the Top 10 Apps for Android and the latest changes: from bug fixes, to improved multitasking, browsing speed changes, and even additional program options.

Android is still the smartphone platform of choice for the world’s consumers, and it may also be the ideal operating system for the world’s armies, navies, and security agencies. The versatile, open, and free operating system already has most of the necessary pieces in place to power the most sophisticated defense and government applications. The only thing Android is missing is a heavy layer of security and hardware rendered rugged to optimize it for military purposes, according to Elektrobit, a Finnish wireless-engineering company.

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When it comes to Android smartphones, it is very rare that you can buy the best smartphone on the market and still feel the same after a couple of months. With the rapid release of high-end Android smartphones on the market, along with rumors popping up on a daily basis as to what new devices we can expect in the weeks to come, choosing an Android smartphone to tie up with for the life of your contract is no easy feat.

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Finnish group Nokia aims to revamp its feature phone offering this year and add more and cheaper Windows smartphones to fight back against the fast-rising popularity of Google’s massmarket Android phones.

"We are addressing this with our planned introductions in 2012 of smarter, competitively priced feature phones with more modern user experiences," the company said on Thursday in its annual report.

Though smartphones - such as Apple’s iPhone, which provides a platform for third-party application developers - are where the industry’s growth is concentrated, feature phones - which have only limited support for third-party software - still account for most units sold.

Smartphones make up less than a third of industry volume.Nokia has also been working on a new Linux-based software platform, code-named Meltemi, to replace its Series 40 software in more advanced feature phones, industry sources told Reuters.

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According to The Verge, the next iteration of Google’s Android operating system after Jelly Bean will be codenamed Key Lime Pie. The blog said its source is the same person who tipped the Jelly Bean name last year.

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