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The newest attraction in the Tašmajdan Park of Belgrade, Serbia is the Black Tree, a tree sculpture that is actually a mobile phone charger that draws power from a solar panel. The installation was created by Serbian designer Miloš Milivojevic for the Strawberry Energy company, which invented the first public solar charger for mobile phones.

The London Array was originally supposed to have even more wind turbines. However, the project was scaled back due to concerns that the massive wind farm will damage the economically-important red-throated diver population in the Thames Estuary.

According to a focused study by Standford University scientists, more than 140,000 offshore wind turbines can power the entire East Coast of the United States, which accounts for a third of the country’s total energy demand.

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The technology used to turn water vapor into hydrogen fuel recently got the green light from several energy and industry experts. BlackLight Power, Inc.’s new CIHT or (Catalyst-Induced Hydrino Transition) generates clean energy by extracting water vapor from the air, and turns them directly to electricity, oxygen, and Hydrino - a far more stabler form of hydrogen which gives off 200 times more energy. BlackLight’s CIHT process is fueled by water vapor. The CIHT cell proceeds to convert that water vapor into usable energy in the form of electricity. This makes CIHT suitable for all kinds of applications such as powering vehicles and producing electrical power.

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The next step in alternative energy may have just been whipped up by Raw Lemon, a solar energy designer based in Barcelona. The energy firm has designed a weatherproof glass sphere which tracks the sun, and concentrates its light up to 10,000 times than your usual solar panels. The numbers make the design more than 35% more efficient than the photo-voltaic panels, so efficient in fact, that it also harvest electricity of moon light.

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Social media is no longer limited to business and organizations looking to connect to target audiences and respective consumers. At Hunter Medical Care Local in NewCastle, Australia, the administration is turning to social media to help reduce the strain on its general practitioners. 

The organisation is making use of the new media channels, like YouTube, to deliver crucial medical information on chronic pain, treatment of minor wounds, and topics on psychology. Hunter Medical Care Local is currently undermanned when its comes to GP’s but through the help of social media, the effects of the shortage has been eased.

The move by the organisation is also aimed at streamlining the approach to healthcare in the community. Social media helps in generating higher awareness when it comes to healthcare and reduces the stress GP’s encounter in meeting with patients.

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Since Japan was struck by the earthquake and tsunami last year which damaged critical nuclear power plants, the National Government has been keen on focusing on safer, renewable energy. This came in the form of a new law which required companies to buy fixed-priced renewable energy and turn to alternatives to nuclear energy. With this, several solar energy parks opened across Japan.

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