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by Gregg Keizer

Apple’s new Retina MacBook Pro is a harbinger of future changes to the company’s laptop line, analysts said on Saturday.

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In case you hadn’t heard, the sky is falling.

iPad apps as we’ve known them are about to get super-sized, and are now on a collision course with whatever space you thought you had on your iPad—old or new. Early evidence pointing in that direction comes from Apple’s own applications, which were all updated last week to coincide with its new tablet, and became considerably larger as a result.

As my colleague Jason Parker detailed earlier this week, Pages—the word processor app in Apple’s iOS iWork suite—jumped from 95MB to 269MB, while Numbers—Apple’s spreadsheet app—increased from 109MB to 283MB. Yesterday, an extended hands-on with the new tablet from Vietnam-based blog Tinhte came with additional numbers, mainly that iMovie has ballooned from 70MB to 404MB.

Here’s the thing though: while it’s easy to apply a multiplier onto the size of these apps and guesstimate it for any app that’s out there right now, developers CNET spoke to said it’s not that clear cut. Like a snowflake, each piece of software is different, and it all comes down to the content that gets packed in. Things like videos, music, high-quality image and texture assets that are included in applications could be getting upgraded, but not all those things are equal in terms of the impact they have in size.

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