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Nokia reported a 39 percent year-on-year drop in the number of smartphones it sold in the second quarter, to 10.2 million, while its net loss more than trebled. - Peter Sayer for ARN

Nokia has been struggling financially as it tries to keep up with the smartphone industry currently dominated by Samsung’s mobile devices running on Google’s Android platform, and Apple’s iPhone, which is rumored to release the latest version, iPhone 5, next month. The company faces challenges in its transition to the Windows Phone operating system from the previous Symbian OS. Only in the US has Nokia’s Lumia 900, created to compete with the Android phones and Apple’s mobile devices, has sales been good. Demand for the Lumia phones are still uncertain despite a 2% percent increase in feature phones sold. 

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Talk about tech-savy countries and you have to include Japan. Over the years, the Asian nation has not only developed one of richest economies in the world, but also the most conducive environment for technological advancement. From complex humanoid robots to innovative green homes, Japan’s high level of ingenuity has created a technological boom that translates to some of the world’s most advance gadgets. 

Despite this, it’s interesting to note that on a global scale, it’s South Korea’s Samsung and the United States’ Apple that has taken a huge share of the smartphone market. Where are the Japanese companies? 

In this special feature by Patrick Budmar, we take a look at why Japan’s smartphones never made it on a global scale. Are their mobile devices simply too advanced, and thus, too niche for the Japanese market? Consider this with the fact that as a society, Japan’s people are also very open to the latest emerging mobile technologies. Here we get a view on why the smartphone industry in the country never dominated key markets in a global level.

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Each new gadget brings speculation about what older device it will replace—full-featured laptops supplant desktops, while ever-smarter phones relieve you from carrying a laptop on occasion. But don’t overlook the partnerships that can result.

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The 4G-LTE mania is still alive despite Apple’s silence on the release date of its first 4G-LTE iPhone line (insiders have conflicting statements, some citing the line as iPhone 5, others calling it iPhone 4S, a revamp of the current iPhone 4). The on-going controversies on LightSquared’s nationwide satellite-terrestrial 4G-LTE network will not prevent Apple from rolling out an LTE handset in the near future. However, more tension between LightSquared and dominant mobile phone carriers conflicts with the general interest of end-users in the long-run.

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Ever wondered which smartphone to choose in a sea of smartphones? 

Buying a new smartphone isn’t easy. Phones are changing at a breakneck pace, and with iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even BlackBerry OS to choose from, it’s getting harder to weigh the pros and cons. Here’s how you can narrow it down.

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Equilibrium – the newest masterpiece of GoldVish

Last month GoldVish has added a new masterpiece in its portfolio – the new phone Equilibrium is the latest luxurious creation of the Swiss company. The company addresses Equilibrium to successful business men / women and gives them the possibility to combine harmonious work and home – this being the main focus of this phone. Thereby it comes with two SIM slots, and it also has the possibility to maintain one of the SIM allocated to the home-area, while traveling in other countries.

via Business Standard

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia is planning to launch three smart phones, including its Pureview model with 41 megapixel sensor camera, in India, this year. The company’s Sriperumbudur facility, near Chennai, which saw an investment of about $500 million so far, would also start manufacturing and marketing its two new models of feature phone series Asha in 2012, according to a senior executive from the company.

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