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Intel’s trusted execution technology (TXT) will be protecting users of the newest VMware’s vSphere cloud platform from security threats like BIOS attacks and malware.

“Intel TXT provides hardware enforcement to help overcome some of the most challenging aspects of cloud security,” said Intel cloud infrastructure group general manager Jason Waxman.

TXT is a Xeon server feature that adds a new layer of hardware-based security to cloud platforms. It detects and prevents BIOS attacks and malware from corrupting systems.

TXT-equipped servers running vSphere 5.1 can fulfill compliance requirements more easily, according to Intel. Further improvements can be made by allowing IT departments to swap VMs among “known good” groups of trusted servers, which would expand the “experience” of the swapped VMs by exposing them to different scenarios.

For companies who want to secure their cloud-based infrastructure during automation and improvement, Intel announced that that sample and reference architectures can now be found on the Intel Cloud Builders program.

Security remains a key concern as IT departments transition to a more cloud-dependent model. Intel said that it held a recent survey of IT professionals regarding the issue of cloud platform security, and it reported that 61 percent were indeed concerned.


Microsoft has unveiled a new version of its Office suite tailored for touchscreen devices, in the company’s largest-ever overhaul of the aging workplace software it relies on for most of its profit. The revamped Office, touted by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer as the most ambitious version so far, comes with a sleeker, slimmed-down interface designed for use with the upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

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by Gregg Keizer | COMPUTER WORLD

On Monday, Microsoft announced a record low price for the upcoming Windows 8, telling customers that they could upgrade their PCs — even aged machines running Windows XP — for just $39.99 later this year.

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By Mary Jo Foley for All About Microsoft via ZDNet  

Microsoft has shared with select partners some specifics about what those upgrading to Windows 8 can expect when moving from Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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Check out this feature from the Sydney Morning Herald on how the recent unveiling of Microsoft Surface is showing the “Applefication” of Microsoft.

To quote,

"Yes, Microsoft is getting into the iPad space; after sitting on the sidelines for years, it has now started running after the fastest-growing sector of the computing market with its Surface."

Microsoft has finally presented its version of the My Xbox Live app for the Android platform on Wednesday. This also included an update on the iOS version of the app. With this release, users will be able to manage friends list, edit  and update profiles, even change avatars and of course, send and receive messages.

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Apple on Monday will spotlight next-generation software for its coveted gadgets as it kicks off its annual gathering of developers whose applications are vital to the company’s success.